Weebs needs acid!

So we went to go for a sail this weekend but after I fired up the old atomic four  we had no water coming out the exhaust.  Boo Hoo.  No cooling….


I checked the valve line up and fond nothing amiss.  This had happened once before when a chunk of rust or crud plugged the water tee fitting on the back of the exhaust manifold.  So we set off to back flush the manifold with the handy dandy adapter I had made the last time.  But also no water flow still…even with 45psi from the dock.

I think she is finally crudded up enough to break out the acid.  this weekend if Hermine doesn’t make too much trouble I’ll use Dan Moyer’s acid flush technique to clean the manifold.  If it doesn’t work, well then I guess I’ll drink some beer and stare at it ….at least I won’t be wasting time then.

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Weebs is Feeling Blue


Weebs spent about a month, maybe a bit longer at Dolphin Cove having the bottom cleaned and repainted.  I went with blue this time.  Black was OK but thought it was time for a change.

The blue seems to work well with the gold Catalina trim and the blue sail covers.


Need to get a buffer to clean up the hull near the water line.



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Back to Dolphin Cove

Took Weebs back to Dolphin Cove for a haul out and fresh bottom paint.  This is the first boat yard she was at in SC and the third time she has been painted.  Paint lasted almost three years this time.  Recently the marine life was growing faster than diver Shawn could scrape it off….

We’ll have yard take a look at the “tv wall” inside and see if they have any carpenter types that could get rid of the TV and replace the panel on the front of the cabinet…finally.

Weebs cabinet

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Ready for Summer 2016!

I can’t believe it has been five years.  Weebs is the best learning boat ever.  Today is April 29 2016, almost exactly five years since I first laid eyes on Weebs, then known to the marina staff as “dat little webelo boat.”   Don’t ask,  think thick NY accent like Joe Pescie…anyway it stuck.

As I write, Weebs is a resident in good standing at a marina in Folly Beach SC where she is attended to by a 24/7 Dockmaster  and a monthly visit by  Diver Shawn Cannon to keep the barnacles…or in these waters oysters at bay.  A terrific improvement over her plight in New York City…except for the doggie hair that still clogs the bilge pump…eight months after Ollie last had the opportunity to shed on the boat.

Well maybe not perfect..while there is no worry about freezing, the mild climate is quite conducive to mold, algae and mildew…everywhere.  So constant cleaning is important.. but not too bad of a deal since Weebs makes sure the beer is always cold.


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Leaky Windows, err… portlights

Right after i got Weebs I found all the leaks the PO never told me about. I guess all boats leak a bit here and there. The ones below the waterline I fixed right away. A couple of the portlights leaked and I thought I fixed them when Weebs left the boatyard in 2011. Of course that wasn’t the case.
Catalina 27 windows are a pain in the butt. It’s a messy yucky job that requires lots of hands and lots of MEK for clean up. That deterred me from dealing with the windows for four years.

Well I tackled the two leakers with a fresh repair kit from Catalina Direct acouple of weeks ago. We had a few good rain days since then…and of course the puddles under the windows.

I’m not so sure the water is actually from the window though. Before it was definitely windows because I could see water pooling up inside the frame. This time it seems to be coming from around the window. I think it might be the handrails on the cabin roof right above the ports. Though the top of the frame with the trim piece off is dry…I just don’t buy rain splashing in from the bottom.

Going to do some internet sleuthing before I take things apart though.


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catch up time Weebs Name shot

Earlier I posted that Nick painted Weebs name on the transom.   Here is a picture.  Not sure what year this is…looks wintery to me. weebs name shot

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Electrical mess

After getting splashed a few times with sea water some of the switches on the distribution panel stopped working so I decided to replace the whole panel.  Well the previous owner must have been drinking a lot of Wild Turkey when he wired the boat.

Each circuit seems to have extra things patched into it, and nothing is labeled.    This is going to have to get fixed.   Might explain why the forward running lights don’t work.

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